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Selected Articles

Anne Howell writer on a set of stairs reading The Vintage Book of Amnesia.

Select feature articles:

‘Women Power: Where Have All the Feminists Gone? The Illawarra Mercury Weekender, 23rd February 2002. Women on feminism.
‘Being Brave’. Follow Me Magazine, June-July 1990. Article on filmmaker Jane Campion and writer Janet Frame.
‘Kylie Vamps Up’. Follow Me Magazine, Dec-Jan 1991. Interview with Kylie Minogue.

Selected news stories:

‘Bring the Troops Home: Angry Illawarra residents deliver anti-war banner to Canberra.’ Cover story, The Wollongong Advertiser, March 26, 2003.
‘The Region Ablaze: Eerie scene sparks memories of 1968’, The Illawarra Mercury, 28th December 2001.
‘Sydney’s AIDS babies’, The Sydney Morning Herald, April 2, 1987. Front page under the banner.
‘Protesters Take Stock: Sandon Point Opposition to Continue’, The Wollongong Advertiser, 8th May 2002. (I wrote hundreds of articles on this issue in both The Illawarra Mercury and Wollongong Advertiser.)

Selected arts pieces

‘The Rhizomatic Art of Kurt Brereton’, in Kunapipi journal, Vol XXIX No 1, 2007, University of Wollongong. Cover article.
‘Wollongong City Gallery: Imagining the Illawarra: 25 Takes’; Sparx Magazine April-May 2004.
‘The Primitive and the Post-Modern’, Follow Me Magazine, May 1990.
`Yes Minister, the Arts Need You,’ Sydney Morning Herald, 7th October 1989. On the then-emerging Indigenous artist Tracey Moffatt.
‘Young Artists Set to be Slaves of Sydney’. Eastern Herald, SMH, 13th June 1989.
‘Dilemma in Restaging Elements of Art History’, Eastern Herald, SMH, 7th Nov 1989. On artist Jackie Redgate.
‘Tired of the Clichés, Aborigines Focus on Themselves’. Sydney Morning Herald, 5th November 1986. On Michael Riley and artist Tracy Moffatt.