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Running with Scissors: a misery memoir

Running with Scissors

    To be or not to be a memoir. This was the question hanging over Running With Scissors when it received a lawsuit in 2005. In fact, the background story of this New York Times best-selling memoir is almost as amusing as the memoir itself. Firstly, to the story. Running with Scissors opens with the American 10-year-old, Augusten, living with his neurotic mother, a chain-smoking aspiring poet who when, after divorcing, becomes a lesbian feels cramped by her son’s presence. When she ships him off to live with her Northampton psychiatrist, Augusten enters an eccentric world where life is likened to — running with scissors. The Finch family Augusten lives with the Finch family, a pseudonym, where the patriarch is a Santa-look-a-like who indiscriminately offers Augusten pharmaceuticals and condones the boy’s affair with an adult male client, which looks a lot like paedophilia. The Finch matriarch eats dog food and remains oblivious to the madness around her. The house is squalid, entertainment consisting of free-roaming children watching a dog poo on… Read More »Running with Scissors