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Klara and the Sun a dystopia set in a technologically advanced future

Klara and the Sun

    Told from the point of view of an advanced robot, Klara and the Sun is a riveting novel by English author Kazuo Ishiguro. Klara is an AF or Artificial Friend, used by affluent teens as companions In a future American society. No longer the latest model, Klara has been programmed for empathy — she keenly observes human emotions and behaviours, responding in all instances to protect and nurture her owner. While not about amnesia per se, the unusual perceptions the reader is privy to, due to being granted Kara’s point of view, are reminiscent of my experience of trying to piece the world together after retrograde amnesia. Klara as a programmed robot does not have all the salient facts, and in the absence of these, she invents. Chilling social order The drip-feeding of information about what it is to be lifted, and other crucial plot elements, help make the novel an extraordinary read. Part-mystery, part-speculative novel, Klara’s perception as a lens to view this chilling social order is compelling, albeit… Read More »Klara and the Sun