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The Answer to the Riddle is me a tale of amnesia David Stuart Maclean

The Answer to the Riddle is Me

    Behind the amnesia incident In 2002, David MacLean was a 28-year-old Fulbright scholar in the midst of a research trip to India for a novel when a severe, and sudden, case of amnesia struck. He’d been to India before with no hitches, but on this trip, his anti-malarial medicine caused him to lose his memory. Not that he knew the reason until much later. His amnesia was not merely of the ‘I don’t know where I am, or who’ variety, initially it thrust him into a hallucinatory state, resembling a psychotic episode. Not only the policeman he encountered in his confused frenzied state, but he himself suspected his situation had been induced because he was a drug addict. Having experienced the hallucinatory aspect of my own amnesia, where in my case I believed I was at the mercy of devils prodding me with pitchforks in the underworld, I admire the way Maclean writes about his amnesia. This material is difficult to render, and he pulls it off brilliantly. As readers,… Read More »The Answer to the Riddle is Me

    The Bourne Identity Robert Ludlum

    Me and Jason Bourne

      Dare I compare myself with Jason Bourne? We may seem like an unlikely pair considering Jason Bourne is a sharp shooting fictional character in an American spy thriller and I am a pacifist woman living a quiet life in Australia. Yet what we share is waking up one time with no idea who we were, in other words, a case of amnesia. . Bourne’s memory loss story has been a famous and highly lucrative one. Yet increasingly Bourne’s characterisation, and the marketing behind him has come under heavy criticism. Read more about critical responses. Robert Ludlum’s inspiration for Bourne Bourne’s amnesia was first introduced to the reading public in the opening scene of the novel The Bourne Identity (1980) by Robert Ludlum (pictured left) when Jason Bourne is hauled out of the water into a French fishing boat. This scene is replicated in the film of the same name released in 2002. Already a spy thriller writer, Ludlum was inspired to create the Bourne character after he experienced a case… Read More »Me and Jason Bourne