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The Answer to the Riddle is Me: a Tale of Amnesia

The Answer to the Riddle is Me

    Behind the amnesia incident In 2002, David MacLean was a 28-year-old Fulbright scholar in the midst of a research trip to India for a novel when a severe, and sudden, case of amnesia struck. He’d been to India before with no hitches, but on this trip, his anti-malarial medicine caused him to lose his memory.… Read More »The Answer to the Riddle is Me

    The Bourne Identity Robert Ludlum

    Me and Jason Bourne

      Dare I compare myself with Jason Bourne? We may seem like an unlikely pair considering Jason Bourne is a sharp shooting fictional character in an American spy thriller and I am a pacifist woman living a quiet life in Australia. Yet what we share is waking up one time with no idea who we were,… Read More »Me and Jason Bourne