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The Tourist

    Six-part TV series.
    Genre: mix thriller drama/comedy.
    Released: Jan 2022.
    Starring: Jamie Dornan as The Man/Elliot Stanley, Danielle Macdonald as Probationary Constable Helen Chambers. Shalom Brune-Franklin as Luci Miller/Victoria, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson as Billy Nixon and Alex Dimitriades as Kosta Panigiris.
    Country: the UK, originally a BBC One series.
    For Australian viewers: HBO Max, Stan.
    Rotten Tomatoes: A 97% approval based on 31 reviews with an average rating of 7.60/10. Critics consensus: “Jamie Dornan makes for a compelling guide through The Tourist, a beguiling drama that deepens its mystery with solid shocks and welcome moments of levity.”

    This is a fabulous pacy thriller, undercut by enjoyably dry Australian humour. It’s about an Irishman (Jamie Dornan), who after a car accident wakes with retrograde amnesia in an Australian hospital. Wonderful international gangster types with homicidal intent toward our amnesiac hero appear. Actor Danielle Macdonald is wonderful as the traffic cop who wants to become a detective and whose moral code of conduct shows up the other characters.

    Filming, which began in March 2021 in South Australia, took place in the regional towns of Port Augusta and Peterborough, and the Flinders Ranges, with some scenes shot in Adelaide. In March 2022, the series was officially renewed for a second season.

    The Tourist series about character with amnesia