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Man running with pencil for the how to edit, publish and promote your memoir course with Anne Howell and Mike Cavanagh

How to Edit, Publish and promote Your Memoir

Hosted by the South Coast Writers Centre

with Anne Howell & Mike Cavanagh

An online course

10th Oct 2024, 6:30-7.30 pm – 21st Nov 2024, 6.30- 7:30 AEST

How to Edit, Publish and Promote Your Memoir

Do you have a draft memoir on the boil? If the answer is yes, and you want to navigate the road ahead—get published and noticed out there—this seven-week intensive is for you.

IIt begins with the three stages of editing from structural to proofreading, offering tips on sculpting and honing your draft MS to transform it into a publishable work. It then introduces your publishing options, be they for traditional or self-publishing. Finally, we invite you to explore some practical, cost-free ways to promote your book and attract more readers, either working with a publishing house team or solo.

The course is tailored for memoir writers and covers editing, publishing and promoting your memoir. However, it’s equally apt for those with simply a memoir underway; it’s never too early to develop good editing habits.


Course convenors are memoirists Mike Cavanagh (One of Its Legs Are Both the Same and A Pocket Full of Days) and Anne Howell (All That I Forgot) who bring their extensive writing, editing, teaching and industry experience along. Sessions come with videos, notes and exercises.

Course highlights include: ways to gain objectivity while editing, how to approach and track your publisher liaison process and how to create a promotional campaign that suits your memoir and personal style.

There are no course prerequisites, however, this course offers a perfect follow-up for participants of Mike’s former ‘Go Write Yourself’ courses via the SCWC.

Additional online course support

Full course documentation, available at the end of the course; and,
A free PDF of the Go Write Yourself Guide to Memoir Writing.
Note: In addition to a course discount, the South Coast Writers Centre members can join our current SCWC Memoir Writing Group which offers ongoing support.

In a nutshell

Hosted by the South Coast Writers Centre

This online event is facilitated by memoirists Anne Howell and Mike Cavanach
October 10th, 2024, 6:30 pm – 21st November, 2024, 7:30 pm AEST